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Experience inspires creativity

sage vardaman 2

Sage Vardaman, 2nd Grade

Rehearsals for the Eighth Annual Young Playwrights Festival are in full swing. Each winning playwright was invited to sit in on a rehearsal of their play, see how things were going and add their input.

Sage Vardaman is the first place winner in the K-2 division. She was at the most recent rehearsal of her play Elliott, the story of 2 young girls helping a homeless man in need. At the rehearsal, she shared that Elliott is based on a true story!

A few months ago, Sage and her family saw a man out near the north IHOP. He had a sign asking for help. The family stopped, got him some McDonald’s and talked with him. He was a very friendly man named Elliott, and the encounter stuck with Sage. They have never seen the man since, and she wondered what happened to him.

When it came time to write a play for Young Playwrights, Sage thought of Elliott and decided to write an end to the story. Her play is the story of how Sage imagines Elliott’s life turned out and how she would have discovered what happened to him.

Through this experience, Sage has developed a passion for helping homeless people. She now spends her time assembling care packages full of helpful and needed items to give to anyone she sees in need.

-used by permission


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