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Announcing our ’13-’14 YPF Winners!

Announcing our 2013-2014 Winners!

Division One: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Winner: Isaiah Powers, Gr. 1 – Homeschool, Battle Bunnies Butterfly Adventure

Runner Up: Kellyn Bertsch, Gr. 2 – Homeschool, Best Friends Forever

Honorable Mention: Violet Park, Gr. 2 – St. Paul’s, Little Bird

Division Two: 3rd Grade – 5th Grade

Winner: Gabi Hanna, Gr. 4 – Eel River, S.W.A.T

Runner Up: Esther Powers, Gr. 5 – Homeschool, Doomed

Honorable Mention: Claire Weiss, Gr. 5 – Albion, The Hurt

Division Three: 6th Grade – 9th Grade

Winner: Bria Warren, Gr. 8 – Homeschool, Something to Give

Runner Up: Esha Dhawan, Gr. 7 – Canterbury, The Medical Mystery

Honorable Mention: Eli Ramsour, Gr. 8 – Homeschool, Noah: An Ordinary Man…

Division Four: 10th Grade – 12th Grade

Winner: Betsy Bleed, Gr. 10 – Carroll High School,
A Villainous Pride

Runner Up: Joshua Zahm, Gr. 11 – Horizon Christian Academy, An Ashleyrella Story


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