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from Krysta Young, a YPF winner and director

My involvement with YPF this year has literally been a dream come true; not only am I being honored as a winning playwright, but I have been given my first real directing job! I have enjoyed all of the programs I have done with allforOne over the years, but Young Playwrights 2010 has topped them all. I have the privilege of being a real director with full responsibility, and yet at the same time I never feel lost, for I am constantly being nurtured and encouraged to improve. I have gotten to experience the full ups and downs of directing, learned how to stage a show, worked with many of my favorite people and seen my own imagination come to life in the staging of the play I wrote. But the best part of these past few weeks has been seeing God at work in my life as I seek to glorify Him in all I do; the coolest thing that happened to me was having two polar opposite rehearsal days – one where I didn’t pray beforehand, and one where I DID… there is truly nothing quite like trusting God unreservedly with your life and then stepping back to see the results!! In the words of my character Zoe, it is NEVER too late to ask God for help. 🙂


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