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a young lady from Rwanda

Sharon Henderson, Executive Director

It was my privilege to sit in on the complete run of A YOUNG LADY FROM RWANDA…I was drawn in from the opening to the close, at times laughing and crying.  Without a doubt this piece of theatre has perhaps the most powerful and timely message we’ve presented.  Kira and Michael are doing a masterful job with a 90 minute show that never allows them to leave the stage, moves through19 scene transitions and requires proficiency of timing, consistent accents and a wide range of emotions.  Sam Ward has had some difficult challenges and with the help of one of our Character Counts grads (Kara Reish) as Stage Manager and Asst. Director…they are keeping the bar high and getting amazing results.  God is surely doing His part – this past week Kevin Kilbane of the News Sentinel took the initiative to assign a writer to do a feature story which will come out next week – let’s pray that according to God’s will, many people will see and pay attention to the story which will include the writer’s interview with our technical advisor, a young lady who is a Rwanda refugee and a believer!




One comment on “a young lady from Rwanda

  1. Feeling that this production could open many new doors–I’m guessing some unexpected or unsought ones–for afO. Thanks for being brave enough to go there with this play.

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