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More Than a Free Ticket

I was so nervous.  People would be coming any minute, and I hoped I wouldn’t mess up. 

Was I running my mom’s cash table at her annual colossal yard sale?  Was it my first day as a waitress at five minutes before the restaurant opened the door for business?  Was I a first year teacher on the first morning of a new school year?

None of the above.  Instead, it was my first time working as a volunteer at an all for One productions Home Stage Production.  Prior to getting my assignment for the evening, I’d imagined myself selling or taking tickets, or handing out programs while serving as an usher.  As it turned out, my job that night was to greet folks as they came up to the main level of the library from the parking garage and direct them down the Great Hall to the elevator which would take them to the basement level auditorium for All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. 

I needn’t have worried.  People coming to a play are out for an evening of relaxation, entertainment, and social connections.  They just want to make sure they’re headed in the right direction in a place where the auditorium door is not the first place they enter.  So, they are glad for a little help along the way.  And, they are more than willing to exchange pleasantries in the process.  Thus, the volunteer “job” turns into the beginning of my evening of relaxation, entertainment, and social connections.

I’ll be honest and say that getting to see the play for free wasn’t an insignificant aspect of volunteering to help at an afO production that first time.  (However, I’m not sure we were certain of the perk until after my husband and I had signed up to help.)  But I also feel that volunteering is a chance to do something to keep afO going and growing in a community that welcomes the arts and embraces those artistic endeavors that are done with integrity, professionalism, and skillful excellence.  That is what afO has stood for from the beginning and that is something I want to invest in.

The rub comes just there, though–we personally don’t find ourselves in a financial position to be “platinum donors” to the cause.  But, time on a Friday or Saturday night (or a Sunday afternoon) is something we do have and is a donation we can match with afO’s need for any production.  So, we are glad to fill the bill. 

Do we enjoy getting a free ticket to afO productions?  Certainly.  Would we be willing to volunteer minus the perk?  Likely so, because we believe there is a place in our community for theatre done with the heart and spirit and talent that afO brings to the stage every time the curtain goes up.


About amyvanhuisen

I blog because there is blank space available in the cyber world and because I am a verbal processor. I believe my mission in life is to connect people with truth. Doing this through teaching has been my main avenue of fulfilling that calling. But, I'm finding more and more ways that I enjoy carrying out the mission and blogging is one of them. When not putting words to computer screen, I stay busy being wife to Michael; mom to three adult children--Gabe (30), Ellen (29), and Zach (21); grandma to Ethan (8), Melanie (7), Kate (4), Hope (2), and Owen (10 months); and friend to many who are dear and with whom I wish I could spend far more time. My heart is that of a teacher, whether in my classroom at Ivy Tech Community College Northeast, working in Student Academic Support Services at the University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne, IN), or talking with family or friends. Outside of family and work, I enjoy membership in two very different book club groups and am constantly on the lookout for ways to be creative.

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