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Meet the Staff

I’m Stacey Kuster and I’ve worked for all for One in the position of “Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director” for just over a year now. I started in April of 2007. The same time I started working for afO, the company was going through a lot of changes. New programming was in the works and our first performance of a Home Stage production at the new Allen County Public Library Auditorium was in production. It was a good time to start in the position because with so many new things beginning, there were no expectations…no “this is how we did it before” to deal with, because there wasn’t a “before.” This job has a pretty wide responsibility range. I was a bookkeeper for 6 years before I took this job, and probably only about 1/5 of my current position is bookkeeping. So I get to do a lot of stuff that I’ve never done before. Which is good for me, especially since I prefer security and familarity. So I’m being stretched and am developing new skills and I’m getting to do things I really enjoy. Like setting up this blog!

I love the internet and how it can facilitate connections between people. all for One is really about building relationships. The contributors to this blog will be people who already have a relationship with afO. They’ll be sharing their stories and how their stories intersect and connect with the afO story. And hopefully, through that sharing, we’ll be able to make new connections and build new relationships. And that might lead to new contributors, too!


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